During this special time, you have choices. Important choices such as a name for your baby, how to decorate the nursery, and even where to birth. This decision includes who will care for you throughout your journey into motherhood; caring for you during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The Woodlands area provides many different options for pregnant mothers seeking care—whether it’s a hospital, free standing birth center, or home birth experience you are searching for. Additionally, there are many exceptional choices for care providers depending on your particular preferences. 

At Bliss (Women’s Wellness & Birth Center), we are honored to be one of your choices. Midwifery care is truly a unique experience. This relationship between a woman and her midwife is a treasured thing, and the bond formed between the two should be open, respectful, honest, and trust filled. As such, we encourage you to search out the perfect provider for your care who fits into this role— someone that respects your choices and beliefs, makes you feel safe, and helps guide you through this very important time in your life. 

Bliss aspires to fulfill this role for all of our clients. As a midwifery led birth center, we pride ourselves on being professional health care providers offering nurturing, safe, woman-centered, comprehensive care to normal healthy women across the lifespan. We specialize in low risk pregnancies and minimize unnecessary interventions. Should we be part of your choice, we look forward to building an intimate relationship with you on this journey into motherhood. 

The midwife: Patricia “Trish” Perkins is Certified Nurse Midwife who began her career as a Labor and Delivery nurse working with the Baylor Midwives. After raising her own family, she realized her lifelong dream of studying midwifery. She worked at a free-standing birth center as a full scope midwife. She was recruited by Baylor College of Medicine to be a part of opening The Center for Children and Women at Greenpoint, where she did prenatal care including high risk prenatal care, well woman care and Centering Pregnancy. Her experiences also include working as a Lactation Consultant at St. Joseph’s hospital, helping them achieve Texas Ten Step status. Trish is passionate about providing quality, woman-centered, compassionate care and has the unique knowledge, skills and experience to provide comprehensive, evidenced based midwifery care that women seek. She is excited to be a part of your journey into motherhood. 

Love delivered,